Terre D’Hermès fragance, Flacon H Limited Edition


they sent me this… at home 😉

Philippe Mouquet, Hermès designer, has created a new flacon for the revamped version of the famous Terre D’Hermès fragance. Mouquet, who also designed the original bottle, has found inspiration in cinetic arts, and decided to transform the bottle into a visual object with a particular optical effect: the 4 sides of the bottle carry a subtle mirror-like serigraphy, that let the orange glow of the perfume show through. Upon further inspection, you’ll see an H appear between the lines. Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermes maison nose, has built this men fragrance “vertically”: he suggests an earth-sky structure with an orange base, silicium, pepper, citrus. This fragrance is fit for a dreamer with his feet on the ground.


2 responses to “Terre D’Hermès fragance, Flacon H Limited Edition

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