Exclusive D&G Fashion Show Winter 2010 Woman


The fascinating world of theatre in its entirety, from the spectacular costumes to the plush gowns worn by the ladies who lunch, up to including elements of the theatre structure itself. The D&G F/W 2009/2010 Women’s collection retraces the most signifi cant operas, capturing the stylistic differences given by the original eras of release, and celebrates one of the icons of lyrical music: the unforgettable Maria Callas, whose features grace printed t-shirts, and who recorded Bellini’s Norma at the Metropol in 1954, the very premises where the D&G Show takes place.

Brocades, smooth velvets, matelassé velvets, upholstery velvet with the addition of glitters and stones, duchesse silk, mink, printed pony skin, chiffon, printed cashmere, denim embroidered with stones and precious passamenterie details, tulle, grosgrain ribbons.

Brocade, upholstery and capitonné velvet bustier dresses with internal petticoats, encrusted with precious stones. Duchesse silk gowns with trompe-l’oeil effect prints. Bustiers made of golden passamenterie ropes to wear with skinny jeans. Velvet coats and dresses with tapestry prints. Tapestry-printed chiffon blouses and jewel brooches to wear with leotards. Ocelot-printed pony skin capes and skirts. Fur capes and shoulder-capes. Cashmere knitwear, either with tapestry-inspired prints or with organza bias cuts. Printed masculine tailcoats with gaiter trousers and tailcoat-printed shirts. Long tulle skirts, as light as tutus in pastel colours, to wear with cotton t-shirts. T-shirts printed with Maria Callas’ image, and with the images of original opera bills she interpreted.


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