Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbanas creativity is the foundation of the new D&G Time commercial, with the direction of Cyrill Guyot. A luxurious period apartment in Paris is the set for a malicious mademoiselle who abandons herself to provocative games, ending in an upper-class ménage a trois. The risqué situation is interrupted by her rigorous mother, shocked at the sight of such an impudent display. Music by: “The Sparks”


11 responses to “THE NEW D&G TIME COMMERCIAL

  1. I’m 31 and a little bit of prude, but not really. I just really feel beyond uncomfortable when this commercial comes on at 9p, 30 minutes before my 10 year old’s bedtime. WTF! How do you explain something like this to a child. Can’t they wait until after 10p to show this crap that I can’t wait to fast forward through. Sure it gets my attention, but it also makes me want nothing to do with D&G for their reckless association with who their customer base is.

  2. I am also thirty one (and female) This is by far my favorite commercial! Teach your child tolerance early…if you don’t freak out, he/she won’t either.

  3. I have two children and I agree with Anynoise! I am a 31 yr old female and I feel that, especially in a ten year old’s case, observing tolerance teaches tolerance. If you can’t explain it when it’s on t.v., how are you planning to handle the live version??

  4. Dear Devoted, What are we talking about here? Tolerance of commercials that use three people having see sex to get attention and sell their product? What exactly do you tell your children when this commercial comes on?

    How old are your children?

    (funny how we’re all 31)

  5. I also how like how jamesstories replied in place of anynoise to say, ‘no no children. sorry maybe i can’t understand you.’

    Makes me wonder if all responses aren’t just one person. And also how stupid you really think people are.

  6. i agree with you i am 12 and i learned about that in school but i think that is discusting who would put that crap on tv i mean really it has nothing to do with watches its just ……..**** sry for my language but really get a clue

  7. One of my favourite commercials!! 😀

    And to you that doesn’t like it: what about all the violent crap in commercials and on tv on the whole?

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